What Annoying Personality Will Colin Robinson Have Now?

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What Annoying Personality Will Colin Robinson Have Now?

Last week, Not You, Guillermo wondered if Colin Robinson would be like Doctor Who. Turns out, he's more like Baby Groot. What We Do In The Shadows Season 3 ended with not a bang, but a wail, when it revealed that Colin has been reborn as a fittingly annoying baby.

So, does that mean Colin as we know him will be back? Not quite. Though actor Mark Proksch is returning to Season 4 with the help of green screen, he'll be much younger than the 100-year-old energy vampire we came to know and love. And, perhaps, have a different personality entirely.

But that's just one of the theories discussed by Nicole Conlan and Patrick Monahan in the latest episode of Not You, Guillermo, which covers episode 10 in its entirety, and what could be ahead in the currently-filming Season 3.

So listen below to the new episode for more questions surrounding Nandor's travels, Nadja's girlboss future, and just what kind of dad (daddy?) Lazlo will be. You can also check out Not You, Guillermo on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts! But... not you, Guillermo.

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