Where Do Energy Vampires Come From, Mommy?

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Where Do Energy Vampires Come From, Mommy?

Three seasons in, and we might finally get some answers from What We Do In The Shadows, at least based on "Gail," the third installment of the third season of the FX series. In the latest episode of Not You, Guillermo, The Dipp's WWDITS podcast, co-hosts Patrick Monahan and Nicole Conlan ponder where exactly energy vampires might come from, after the nearly-100-year-old Colin Robinson implies that his mother is still alive. Are energy vampires born energy vampires? Are they turned? And have their legacies been wiped from the vampiric history books — or simply ignored because, hey, talk about a soul-sucking activity, amirite?

Listen to the new episode below for Patrick and Nicole's take on "Gail," that Twilight inspo, and just how much closer Guillermo might be to actually becoming a vampire. You can also check out Not You, Guillermo on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts! But... not you, Guillermo.

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