Would you kick a bridesmaid out of the wedding party for being pregnant?

When I got married, someone in my wedding party was six months pregnant. She called me up, and told me that I could feel free to kick her out of the party, since she didn't want to be a distraction. I told her she was being ridiculous, and of COURSE I still wanted her in the party.

She then told me that at her wedding (which took place before I knew her), she kicked out HER pregnant bridesmaid, because she didn't want everyone looking at the bridesmaid instead of her.

I... never even thought this would be a consideration. I would understand a pregnant bridesmaid removing herself so she wouldn't have to stand and be uncomfortable the whole wedding, but would you kick out a bridesmaid for being a visual distraction? (No judgment if the answer is yes — I just never thought this was a wedding consideration!)