Was It Really "Agatha All Along" On 'WandaVision'?

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Was It Really "Agatha All Along" On 'WandaVision'?

After seven blissful episodes of sitcom magic, WandaVision's "Breaking the Forth Wall" revealed that Agnes, the nosy neighbor, was in fact Agatha Harkness, a witch. Don't believe she's been wreaking havoc on Wanda, Vision, and the innocent citizens of Westview? There's a whole theme song about it. Yet, despite "Agatha All Along," I still have doubts that Agatha really is in control on WandaVision.

A lot of fans on Twitter are eager to take "Agatha All Along" as a confession. The theme song comes on just as Agatha seems to take control of the WandaVision narrative, introducing herself to Wanda and enveloping her in some kind of magic, and the lyrics are pretty explicit. ("Who's been messing up everything? It's been Agatha all along!") But what if the song isn't Agatha's at all? What if the song is really just a reflection of this massive twist in Wanda's sitcom life? Maybe "Agatha All Along" isn't proof that Agatha Harkness is the villain, but actually evidence that she isn't working alone. Let's break it down.

Who Is Editing The WandaVision Broadcast?

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We know that Wanda is in charge of Westview to an extent — she created the Hex and is able to change its borders, which means she does have some power over this alternate reality. And the Hex is releasing CMBR (cosmic microwave background radiation), which is tied back to the Infinity Stones that gave Wanda her power. She also seems to be in control of the WandaVision broadcast, ensuring that it reflects her dream life, not what is actually happening. This explains why her confrontation with Monica in episode 4 was cut out of the broadcast — because Wanda doesn't want to recognize anything outside of the sitcom reality she's created.

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