Help! Why Can't I Delete My Old Text Messages?

- Very Serious: An Advice Column By Kelly Conaboy -
Help! Why Can't I Delete My Old Text Messages?

Kelly Conaboy is writing an advice column for Dipp readers. It's going to be very serious. So serious, in fact, we named it Very Serious: An Advice Column by Kelly Conaboy. Just email her at with whatever's bothering you and each week, Kelly will solve one lucky reader's biggest problem. You can read all of Kelly's excellent advice here.

Dear Kelly,

My phone is out of space and it seems like my only option if I want to continue to take photos of my cat is to delete my old text messages. Why am I afraid to delete my old text messages?



Leslie, I love this question because it is as if you’ve presented me with a riddle, and I will never know if I guessed the answer correctly unless you decide to reach out again and tell me that I did. Is the answer um, that the surgeon is a woman? Or is is it that um … it’s time to fix the fence?! Hm.

I guess I’ll have to think a little harder.

Our data, Leslie: it haunts us. It follows us across the internet. It humiliates us, exposing our awkward high school photos and old tweets. It allows us to purchase unnecessary things without having to get our credit card out of our purse. It haunts our inbox with memories of email fights past. We hate it, and yet when it’s time to delete it — the obvious option — we pause. I’m using “we” here even though I only know what is inside my own heart, but I think in general people feel mostly the same about these kinds of things. At least judging by how many comedians have been felled by their own old tweets.

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