Very Serious: Is It Okay To Double Dip?

- Very Serious: An Advice Column By Kelly Conaboy -
Very Serious: Is It Okay To Double Dip?

Kelly Conaboy is writing an advice column for Dipp readers. It's going to be very serious. So serious, in fact, we named it Very Serious: An Advice Column by Kelly Conaboy. Just email her at kelly.conaboy@gmail.comwith your most crucial conundrums and each week, Kelly will solve one lucky reader's biggest problem. You can read all of Kelly's excellent advice here.

Dear Kelly,

Is double dipping actually fine?



Tara —

It can be dangerous when you learn the rules you once thought were steadfast are actually malleable or even nonexistent. It can lead people to commit “white collar crimes,” and other such things. I don’t want that for you, Tara. I’ll give you an example from my life. At one point, when I was a younger writer, I thought turning in a draft late was not allowed. I would turn in all of my drafts on time, which I thought was the rule. I thought that was what everyone was doing.

As it turns out, no one does that. It seems that, in general, people treat draft due dates as a suggestion. Let me tell you, Tara, I would probably have been better off not learning that. As would my various editors.

But can you double dip a chip? Ah — the final taboo. I would say first that during our current worldwide medical crisis, probably you should not double dip a chip in a situation with people who are not members of your household. I am of course not a doctor (yet) but from picking up what is going on in a general sense, it seems like that would be a mistake. It would at least be impolite. Friends would see you and think, “Tara is double dipping ... in a freaking pandemic?” And you couldn't blame them for doing so.

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