Is A Bad Gift More Thoughtful Than A Good Gift Card?

- Very Serious: An Advice Column By Kelly Conaboy -
Is A Bad Gift More Thoughtful Than A Good Gift Card?

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Dear Kelly,

Is it worse to give a bad gift that shows you thought enough to at least buy it in advance, or a gift card?



Cameron, a question:

When people say “it’s the thought that counts,” do you think any of them mean it?

I was thinking about this recently because it was the advice I was given after I inquired about what to buy someone. I was asking someone who really knew them, because I only know them in passing. The response was: “Well, with them, it’s really the thought that counts.” Absolutely no help at all, Cameron. What am I supposed to do with that advice. So I bought fancy soap.

Fancy soap is not a particularly good gift, unless you know for sure that the person you’re buying it for likes fancy soap, but it’s at least got a purpose. It can be regifted, for one. And if not, it can be used when the person runs out of their normal soap, or left out for company. But it is impersonal. I think, as a person, when you receive something like fancy soap — or a scarf not suited to your taste, or a frog figurine, or a mug, or an iPhone case with a meme on it that isn’t even one of the memes you’ve expressed interest in — more often than not you’re thinking, “I wish this person just gave me however much this cost on a gift card.”

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