Very Serious: Am I Uncool For Using Instagram Now?

- Very Serious: An Advice Column By Kelly Conaboy -
Very Serious: Am I Uncool For Using Instagram Now?

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Dear Kelly,

Is Instagram uncool now? Are young people laughing at me because I’m still using it? I can’t even tell if I like it or not anymore.




Isn’t it so strange to age, and to age out of new technology? It used to be that we were the only ones who understood how to access the bonus content on an “enhanced” CD. Now, I watch my young cousin use her iPhone and it is as if she is using an entirely different sort of object than my iPhone, with an entirely different set of motor skills. She seemingly has a near-constant stream of messages to answer across different platforms, and a near-constant stream of video content to consume wherein people are yelling. It’s tiring to witness, and often quite loud. I am glad to not be young.

Yes, Kara, I am an aged (pronounced age-ed) old crone, (34), but I’ve heard rumblings from the youth that Instagram is, indeed, uncool and perhaps may be, in fact, over. It was bound to happen. “Nothing gold can stay,” to quote a poem that was referenced in a book I read when I was about the age of the people who are now making you feel uncool. Or I guess it would be more accurate to say, “Nothing evil can surveil and emotionally deplete the modern public for long before they move onto a different, but similar, method of surveillance and emotional depletion.” Ahh. Not as snappy, but still quite poetic.

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