"GOD, I PRAY WE GET A SEASON 10" are words I never thought I would say... ever. But here I am, hoping, wishing and praying we get one.

For a few seasons now we haven't had much to work with, I mean I had to watch them all pretend Jax and Britt were "couple goals". Yikes. And for the most part, everyone's lives have been stagnant aka they have been "happy". Well, that is all over now.

In the last six months, we have had multiple break-ups of major cast members. Lala and Randall, when he was caught cheating and now I need that fall-out filmed ASAP, also a single Lala sounds amazing. James and Raquel ended their engagement and that just gives us a reason to not have her on the show anymore because... I can't.

But now... now we have the rumors that Katie and Schwartz are donezo. LET US REJOICE. These two have been so gd miserable for years and I need to watch them separately, the fall out of that, and how it affects the group dynamics ASAP.