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It's really not his fault since we've all been there, but it is apparent that Jax has had many false starts. While I'm not too sure what he's doing now that he's left "Vanderpump Rules," but I'm sure he'll find his calling with something, and, if not, he's always got a future peddling products to his Instagram followers as an influencer.

It's funny that even though they all aired during a pandemic, this is the best year for Emmy nominations. I just hadn't realized how many great shows were out in 2020, so it'll definitely be a tough, close competition for some of my favorite series and actors.

"Love Island" men can definitely pull off white jeans, but are they even trendy anymore? I don't know, I feel like the women and men are more worried about the alliances and how long they can stay on the show this season than about what they're wearing for once, but I could be wrong.

All of these careers are just so random. While they may be absolutely true, all of these people are probably trying to make it big on Instagram and other social media platforms. The real question that producers should ask them is "what's their dream job/what job do they wish they had?"

I don't think any of the adults are too young, per se, but I do think it's surprising that a good chunk of the school's staff is really young when the school is regarded highly in both social status and academics.

These are good age ranges for the show's characters. This means that we at least have two seasons of the show if it gets renewed after season 1. But just like with the original show, how are the writers going to keep the show interesting once the characters are no longer in the high school bubble?

Yeah, it's pretty laughable when Nate Archibald is lauded as being one of the greats from St. Jude's. It's also ridiculously unrealistic when everyone, including these teachers, can deduce that Nate didn't earn or really work for anything in his life.

I like how they connected the two series in another way but it's just a little bit convenient that a former Constance student still roams the school's halls. The Rebecca link was a nice throw from the writers but it still feels kind of cheap?

I like that having the teachers as Gossip Girl is the twist. It's pretty creative, but I don't think it's sustainable when trying to keep on show on for multiple seasons without it getting boring (hello, old Gossip Girl). Plus, it'd be interesting to see if the account gets hacked or something and to see what the consequences are when someone starts connecting the dots regarding who's behind the account.

I like that the new characters alluded to the original show but that it didn't really take them the whole episode to do it. They established the connection but then kind of dropped it to their own thing with this new version of the series.