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Agreed, and same.

Right? I was surprised too - by the execution, not the concepts or designs or colors. But then again, it IS Amazon. I wonder how she really feels about it. I hope that this is a stepping stone for her to do more, with more creative control, and increasing levels of quality. What she really should have is her own collection at Zara (all slacks and blazers, of course).

Yeah.. i mean, honestly, it doesn't have to be super flashy if it's a cute basic that fits well. But if a wrap dress looks frumpy on PAIGE, then I'm screwed.

That said, I really do love Paige and only want her to succeed. I felt bad even bringing up the topic, but I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something...

Ugh. They really do overdo it with the Photoshop. But Kim really is dramatically shorter than the average super model. She's pretty short (5'2").

There are a lot of reasons this was different, but the simplest:

1. Taylor did nothing to provoke Kanye's interruption. Both acts were inappropriate, but at least the Will/Chris interaction was about W and C. K/T is impossible to defend.

2. Will's slap was one passionate moment of extremely poor judgment (and yes, abuse). Kanye has been consistently, relentlessly abusing Kim and Pete for weeks. If he'd stopped at ONE insta caption and then apologized, ppl (& Grammys) prob would have let it go.

I think it's pretty simple. Ciara and Hannah bonded immediately. As the house (esp Lindsay, Luke, Kyle, and Amanda) began to antagonize and push Hannah out, Ciara was on her team. There wasn't enough pre-Hannah/house drama for Ciara to bond with Lindsay BEFORE it was necessary to take sides - and she was on Hannah's. Also, she was having her own issues with Luke which Lindsay also ignored/denied/downplayed. So basically, Lindsay helped kick out Ciara's bestie AND sided with Ciara's hostile ex.

As to what happened in WH that said C and H "were in love," I mean, he took her on that date and said something like "I've never felt this way about anyone" or "this is the best first date ever" or something else along those lines. He was a full-on smitten kitten. Maybe they WERE both horny, but he laid on the romance pretty thick, particularly on that date with Kyle and Amanda. If I were Ciara, I would be extremely confused by the bait and switch. He definitely acted like he was INTO her.

I think part of it is that it's hard for us to see them as a romantic match after seeing them as platonic friends for so long. There's something... awkward about it? Like brother and sister? Not that I don't stan - I do. Or believe they're real. I think they are. But I feel like it'll be easier to FEEL that realness when we see their relationship actually transition into something romantic and physical. Because right now there's an element that's a little like watching cousins at the prom.

Except that the character in You is named Marienne. With an “e.” And Luke was very clearly saying Marianne. With an “a.” I think this is a stretch.

So are you saying you don’t like the Southern Charm crew, or celebrate their successes? Is that true for all of them or just most of them?

And how do you feel about the VPR cast?