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Schitt's Creek was not interesting to me AT ALL

I also got so bored with Dickinson on Apple TV. those characters were not interesting !

mine is Buffy the vampire slayer!

it's not actually "gentle," but I love those characters so much! plus, it can be very funny.

I definitely think that the story is driven by Jughead's POV and his take on the situation.

LOL the bear

I think she does too!!!! Let's hope 19 is the last haha.

I do not think the show will work without the core 4. Those are the only characters with actual storylines most of the time :/ I also don't think the producers/writers/showrunners would attempt it tbh. They'll go out with 7 seasons if I had to guess.

you're welcome!!!! :)

I would love for this season to be the last... I am tired hahaha

YES!!! I keep up with a lot of CW shows so I've been checking daily for renewals because it was so early last year!!!!

I'd love a final season announcement for Riverdale. My guess is that it ends with a shortened (10-13 ep.) season 7. The cast contracts will expire after 7 seasons, and I do not expect the core 4 actors to renew their deals.

Season 6 will be airing from March 2022 to around July 2022 probably. They still have episodes 606-622 to air.

They'll definitely be filming it until May 2022. But maybe a season 7 announcement before then? That's what I'm curious about.

LOL that is THE question! I was always sure it would end with the gang comfortably settled in Riverdale, and someone getting married with a celebration at Pops... as for who, well I was always saying it would be Bughead. But now? Who the hell knows lmao. The writers jump ships every 10 minutes.

What about you?