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I totally agree Hulu did it justice. If anything maybe Amazon Prime could take it, too (they did great with Marvelous Mrs Maisel) but you're right, I don't think a network can do a show like this justice

This makes me so nervous since spin offs often get cancelled before they get started (like with the Wayward Sisters/Supernatural situation) or just don't do well and get cancelled shortly after (Torchwood/Doctor Who). They have to really commit to it to make sure it keeps up the same standard as the series itself.

I'd love to watch, but I'm going to be very cautious about how they present it. At the end of the day what they did with romanticizing Ted Bundy was not okay and I'm afraid they'll do the same with Armie Hammer, despite the allegations... I hope they can do the story justice, though, and do a great piece of essentially narrative investigative storytelling!

The correlation they saw between LA Law and applicants to law school blows me away. It's really that simple. Let women see themselves in media and the rest can fall into place. So, so important!!!

There was totally nothing sillier than when Misha Collins was trending on Twitter and he was responding LIVE about the fact that he was trending like... sir PAY ATTENTION TO THE OSCARS, but also so on brand that he was called "confusing" by multiple outlets

This is total facts. However, I always struggle with my own internalized misogyny because they really make her out to be so unlikable on the show and I have to remind myself how she isn't awful and didn't even do anything wrong. The moment where she goes to try to cook Dean a meal and Rory over hears her talking with the butcher is HEARTBREAKING every time.

I'm pretty much just not surprised. There is a very clear disconnect between NBC and the SNL cast/team themselves. Sometimes we see hosts who make total sense and at to the show and sometimes its all about clickbait... like what you said about "they invite a bunch of headlines". There's a huge divide happening... oof!

This really has me thinking about if SNL is going to become quickly outdated in a few years altoghether. It played an important role in political satire and criticism but in a lot of ways I feel like the news cycle moves too quick to just wait until Saturday for satire when social media content creators can do it faster (and often times funnier)

Maybe this time we'll get a less-hated ending lmao, but either way I'm heartbroken about the Lizzie McGuire reboot and would much rather have that... its what the next gen deserves

can we talk about how bold it was of netflix to be bringing a cast member from another show onto the circle? not sure how i feel about it!