vibe ~30~

That's a pretty clever solution!

I try to do daily, but don't stress if I miss a day here and there. BUT, if I know I'm going to the dentist in the next few weeks, I get very strict about it to create the illusion that I'm very regimented...I really don't want to be reprimanded by my dentist.

You've got to have a combo of both. But going into a vacation without anything planned just makes me anxious. Making sure you've got a bunch of good dinner reservations, at a minimum, is a must to avoid spending your whole vacation trying to figure out what to do!

What happens in Bruno stays in Bruno...

I don't think I realized there was a Lonesome Dove quadrilogy! Definitely interested

Two Double Cheeseburgers off the McDonald's $1 menu. I bet I did this 3x / week. It's a minor miracle I'm still standing...

Homemade mozzarella sticks, using a fresh ball of mozz, is my specialty! But it requires a bit more planning.

For quick and easy, though, take a wedge of gouda, lather it with dijon mustard, and wrap it with pillbury crescent rolls. Baked it until the cheese is melty and the gouda is melted, and you've got a treat!

If I could go back an read Lonesome Dove for the first time, it'd be a dream. Or Shogun!

Maybe not exactly an animal, but imagine what must be going through the head of a mosquito. They're literally just on the planet to mess with people!

I think this one all depends on whether you know it's coming. If so, definitely shark - it'd be scary, but you have at least a fighting shot at fending a shark off. A bear? You're dunzo!