vibe ~33~

😂😂 just barely

It’s def for the best, I’m sure there was plenty of middle school homework I missed because I fell down a Seth and summer rabbit hole

Sprinkles are so tiny, they’re basically like eating air so you can complete blanket any dessert with them! They’re teeny little nothing flakes, DEF not pure sugar and chemical food coloring

Even though it’s all completely solved, I think about Ted Bundy at least once a week

I’d want Stabler all the way, because you know he’ll do whatever it takes, he DGAF.

Omg the robin williams one is HEARTBREAKING, and in a very diff way than usual SVU tragedy!

RT everything said already, especially Stamos and Sarah Hylan (whose ep also has Aya Cash from you’re the worst)!

My second fave after the goat Cynthia Nixon is Jennifer Love Hewitt’s episode Behave. She’s AMAZING, and there are some other fun cameos.

Also gotta shoutout young Milo V’s ep, Escape, and George from Greys doing a bonkers southern accent and wild role in Double Strands

That is absolutely one of the top 10 craziest eps ever which says A LOT

I Am Legend because I had a full blown nervous breakdown

Also the Dyatlov Pass incident. WHAT HAPPENED!!!!!