vibe ~19~

Yah that makes sense. The language was so vague I was so confused!

I love pretty much every Taylor Jenkins Reid, Emily Henry and Elin Hilldebrand for a beach read.

The West Wing is the first one I thought of.

The Mindy Project and The OC are good ones too!

I want to see a Fleetwood Mac one, although I guess Daisy Jones & The Six will sort of be that?

My cousin runs it now, so it’s still open! And fresh vs fried is a tough call but I think I’d go fresh and squeaky!

My grandpa owned a cheese factory in WI growing up and let me tell you, you haven’t had cheese curds until you’ve had them fresh from the vat. So squeaky and perfect. Some 10 year aged cheddar also a favorite of mine.

Tell your lactose-loathing friend to back off. Do you know how much money people pay for a good charcoots? You do you!

Just hope you have some good WI cheese 🧀 on that plate.

I think the first time they dated a few seasons back was for a storyline. It just dropped way too fast and easy for it to have been real. So maybe they are sensitive to it this time around so they are going extra on social to prove it’s real this time?

Zoom zoom zoom

You make my heart go boom boom boom

My supernova girl.

Protozoa could get it