vibe ~24~


For Lindsey to say she goes to so much therapy she should know that that is not how you apologize to someone.

Yep I garden full time on an estate in Virginia horse country. It’s fun you should do it!

I’ve had a $90 necklace in my cart for weeks and keep going back and forth about it! On the one hand it would be nice to have something quality that won’t look like shit over time… on the other hand I’m a gardener what do I need jewelry for?!

I’m down. I’ll look like a sexy dinner roll being squeezed by rubber bands.

I forgot about Kimono! That one is funny at this point, great recall skills.

I love a vacation with a plan I’d vacation with you anytime. My BF wants to sit on the beach the whole time while I like my relaxing paired with some activities.

I’ve found the ones they make for kids work great! They don’t weigh down my hair as much as some of the fancier ones.

I listened to it as an audiobook so I could multitask and I definitely recommend it!

I was once in love with a narcissist and lemme tell ya AUSTEN IS A NARCISSIST. I think Ciara genuinely does like him unfortunately and it’s hard to see past the charm when you get involved with his particular brand of douche.

How does Lindsey think she’s a good friend? I’m pretty sure Ciara was upfront about her feeling Lindsey knows she’s hurting her she just doesn’t care…