vibe ~47~

Im not a bebecita, yo soy bebesota! Bravo and reality introduce the drama that’s not in my life lol

I’m too scared to look! I’m sure there’s been a major uptick bc of all the RHOBH online drama this week

seriously, totally in she was reaching to connect the dinner with a dig towards sutton.

i'm sure Dorit didnt appreciate the "fun and free" Erika who brought up the PK panty-gate that night. I'm sure she's loving that the attention is anywhere but that.

She totally mischaracterized how Sutton shared about her miscarriages. Such an a-hole!

She really is terrible b/c she didn't apologize for all that physical badgering and for getting involved. I'm surprised Sutton was so quick to forgive Kyle.

Right agreed!! She was physical cornering Sutton on the couch.

What is not okay, is Kyle grabbing at Sutton like that! I wanted to jump into my tv and tell Kyle to back off.

I feel the same way! I watched the premiere but am reluctant to keep tuning in for the same reasons.