The History Of 'Survivor,' Reality TV Alliances, & Jeff Probst's Dimples

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The History Of 'Survivor,' Reality TV Alliances, & Jeff Probst's Dimples

Kelly Wiglesworth might be the first person in reality TV history to utter the phrase, "I'm not here to make friends," but the person who truly embodied it most was Richard Hatch, the arrogant-yet-brilliant winner of the first historic season of Survivor. Without Richard, we wouldn't have reality TV friction, we wouldn't have reality TV alliances, and we might not even have 40 seasons of the CBS series that exploded on the small screen in 2000. (Although, we must give Sue Hawk and her "rats and snakes" speech its due too.)

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Sure, Richard's winning run on Survivor led not only to nationwide fame, but also to a 51-month stint in jail, but he's a historical reality TV figure nonetheless. Which is why my co-host Allison Piwowarski and I were as excited as Jeff Probst calling a player by their last name to research the history of Survivor for our TV origins story podcast, TV. Watch. Repeat.

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