Our Podcast Looks At How 'Sex And The City' Changed TV... And The World

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Our Podcast Looks At How 'Sex And The City' Changed TV... And The World

As Oscar Wilde once said, "Sex is about power." And he was particularly prescient when it came to Sex And The City, a groundbreaking series that was not only powerful enough to change the way women talked about sex, but change the way we looked at HBO, cupcakes, and even the entire city of New York.

But when my co-host Allison Piwowarski and I sat down to plan this episode, we couldn't help but wonder... who should join us to talk about one of the most influential series to ever hit the airwaves? We were psyched when none other than best-selling Sex And The City And Us author Jennifer Armstrong sat down with us to provide behind-the-scenes details about the series, as well as fill us in on how it revolutionized the TV landscape.

Check out our newest episode to find out which cast member almost left after the pilot, why costumer Patricia Field had to fight to get her styles on screen, and just how sexist early reviews of the series were. Plus, Allison's got a Sarah Jessica Parker story that's just fabulous.

Listen to our new episode of TV. Watch. Repeat. on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts. Will you listen and then binge Sex and the City for the 10th time this year? Abso-fucking-lutely.

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