Inside The Poetic Injustice Of 'Next'

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Inside The Poetic Injustice Of 'Next'

The early 2000s brought our civilization much shame in the form of Justin Timberlake's ramen hair, jeans low enough to require a Brazilian bikini wax for teens, and MTV's Next. You know it, because you watched it excessively and guiltlessly, desiring a new kind of Blind Date, but with a Perez Hilton flair.

So, on this week's new episode of TV. Watch. Repeat., my co-host Allison Piwowarski and I investigate the finale of the series — not the pilot, per usual, because the first five seasons of Next appear to be scrubbed from the internet. (Though, no doubt, they exist on the dark web somewhere.) Instead, we take a look at Next's final bow, the 20th episode of its sixth season, which features a contestant summarizing the series via a large stomach tattoo reading: "Shameless."

But, sorry, you loved it. So catch the next bus, and enjoy our new episode, which investigates the history of Next, how real the "reality" series was, and some of the show's most iconic fun facts. Listen below, or on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts. 'Cuz you're not sketchy, right?

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