The Bewildering History Of The Short-Lived 'Mulaney' Sitcom

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The Bewildering History Of The Short-Lived 'Mulaney' Sitcom

The most shocking thing about Mulaney, John Mulaney's short-lived sitcom on Fox? That the comedian actually liked it. A victim of a comedy style gone bygone, Mulaney didn't quite past muster when its first pilot failed at NBC, only for the series to go up in flames in just 13 episodes on Fox.

So how did it happen? How did comedy's most beloved and relevant stars tank so badly with an unexpectedly dated approach to sitcoms? It was a question my TV. Watch. Repeat. co-host Allison Piwowarski and I needed to answer, so we dove right into the story and history of Mulaney, a show nearly impossible to find online. (We did find it — you can watch it here. God speed.)

Listen to the new episode below, in which we discover the book that inspired Mulaney, Mulaney's inability to describe the series he was making, and his surprising reaction to the show's failure. Plus: the Seinfeld of it all, and an exploration of that damned laugh track.

So grab a tea tray and enjoy the story of Mulaney on our latest episode of TV. Watch. Repeat. on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts. And be sure to check out our daily pop culture podcast, Pop Chaser, for all your entertainment headline needs!

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