Inside 'Just Shoot Me's History And Late '90s Feminism

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Inside 'Just Shoot Me's History And Late '90s Feminism

Chances are, if you watched Seinfeld, Friends, and/or Frasier in the 1990s, you also watched Just Shoot Me. That's partly because the series aired on NBC's must-see TV Thursdays between Friends and Seinfeld, but, also, because the series was just so darn good. And I say good, not great — though Just Shoot Me falls short of iconic status, it was a crowd-pleaser consistent enough to last seven seasons and 148 episodes.

So, in our latest episode of TV. Watch. Repeat., my co-host Allison Piwowarski and I pay homage to all the good of Just Shoot Me by researching its origins and celebrating its wins. We dive into why David Spade almost didn't join the series, the unexpected friendship born out of the show, and the flaws of late '90s feminism on TV. Plus: an extended tangent about Kelly Clarkson's 2000s fashion.

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