Inside The History Of 'House,' & One Of TV's Most Beloved Leading Men

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Inside The History Of 'House,' & One Of TV's Most Beloved Leading Men

Today, the flawed antihero is basically a requirement for any series in the post-"peak TV" era. But, in 2004, when Fox introduced us to the Vicodin-addicted, droll but brilliant Dr. House, he was an exception to the rule: a central character that was, at times, entirely unlikable.

It was a novel concept for network TV (HBO had already wrestled with the concept via The Sopranos, of course), and one that allowed the series to last for a stunning eight seasons — at one time in 2008, becoming the most-watched series in the world. Was it the concept that gave it its popularity, though? Or was it its leading man, Hugh Laurie, an utterly likable British comedian in the tennis shoes of a brilliant curmudgeon?

In our latest episode of TV. Watch. Repeat., my co-host Allison Piwowarski and I inspect it all: the inspiration to the novel series, its unexpected casting, and a star so beloved, Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote an entire rap for him.

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