Maybe 'Girlfriend's Guide To Divorce' Shouldn't Have Been On Bravo

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Maybe 'Girlfriend's Guide To Divorce' Shouldn't Have Been On Bravo

Perhaps Bravo's first scripted series shouldn't have run on Bravo at all. Because, if Girlfriend's Guide To Divorce — Marti Noxon's well-cast and well-written portrayal of divorce in your 40s — had run on Showtime or HBO, it inevitably would have washed down like a crisp Sauvignon Blanc for critics. Instead, it was derided as a Sex and the City wannabe, despite its complexity that helped it last for four seasons.

Still, the Lisa Edelstein-starring series has its fans — including myself and my TV. Watch. Repeat. co-host Allison Piwowarski, who devoured the series. We talk about "blue sky shows" — sunny, breezy USA fare like Royal Pains and Burn Notice — but Girlfriend's Guide has the distinction of being an overcast show: It's dark, but it still has enough light peeking through to leave you in a good mood. Just like a lot of other offerings on Bravo.

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