Who Is The Cartoon Clock On The New 'Loki' Poster?

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Who Is The Cartoon Clock On The New 'Loki' Poster?

One of these things is definitely not like the others. A new Loki poster introduces a cartoon clock character to the MCU, and she's unlike anything we've ever seen before. Released on Wednesday, May 12, the new poster is pretty standard Marvel. There's Loki (Tom Hiddleston) in the middle, wearing his Time Variance Authority jacket, surrounded by supporting characters, including Mobius M. Mobius (Owen Wilson) unnamed characters played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Wumi Mosaku, and a mysterious hooded figure. And then...there's a cartoon clock.

The cartoon clock is bright orange, impossible to miss thanks to its bright, big eyes, a smile, and hands and feet. It's also a bit transparent, giving it a hologram feel that's definitely worth noting, especially given the weirdly old-fashioned-yet-advanced technology of the TVA teased in the first official Loki trailer. But, before we dive into what the clock could mean, first, I gotta know, what/who is it and why is it here?

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The clock in the Loki poster is actually Miss Minutes, the TVA mascot. She was actually first spotted a few months ago, with the release of some exclusive Loki merch, as noted by Murphy's Multiverse. But something tells me there's more to the story, especially given her prime placement on the poster.

Who Is Miss Minutes?

Image: Marvel Studios

As noted above, Miss Minutes is the official TVA mascot, but she also appears to have multiple functions. As reddit user time_lordy_lord pointed out, the cartoon clock also appeared briefly in the Loki trailer, on a monitor at the TVA. Going back, I spotted her on a few TV screens in the TVA, but she wasn't exactly the same. In the trailer, she appears on monitors labeled A-12 and A-10, but she's not the carefree clock seen in the poster. This Miss Minutes appears trapped in a kind of grandfather clock situation, which looks an awful lot like a jail cell. Put together with the numbered screens, it seems obvious that Miss Minutes is counting down the sentences of TVA prisoners. So, Miss Minutes is a mascot...and a prison guard?

Image: Marvel Entertainment/YouTube
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