Tyra Didn't Have To Do Suni Like That On 'DWTS'

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Tyra Didn't Have To Do Suni Like That On 'DWTS'

People have a lot of opinions about Tyra Banks as the host of Dancing With the Stars. Having spent decades of my life watching America's Next Top Model, generally nothing that comes out of that woman's mouth surprises me. But on Monday night's episode of DWTS, where Suni Lee fell ill to some type of stomach illness, Tyra took it upon herself to share with the millions at home watching that Suni had to run off to yack her brains out. Over, and over, and over again.

Suni is a relatively shy and reserved performer on DWTS. In her intro packages, she expresses her anxieties from performing, in her judgments she listens quietly to the feedback... the girl is an introvert! So imagine being on a national stage and having Tyra Banks announce that 1) you're sick 2) you had to leave the stage to be sick 3) you're running as fast as you can to go to the bathroom 4) you have "tummy" problems and 5) repeatedly do this for the next 45 minutes on TV.

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Fans felt that Tyra should have given Suni a little more privacy throughout the show, too. But most importantly, Suni looked like she wanted to evaporate into the air by the number of times Tyra kept bringing up that she was sprinting to the toilet. Give the girl some privacy, Tyra, and just mention she wasn't feeling good and drop it! We all stopped talking about the time you fake fainted on ANTM and that wasn't even real!

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