What If You Took 'Naked And Afraid' & Made It A Dating Show? We're About To Find Out

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What If You Took 'Naked And Afraid' & Made It A Dating Show? We're About To Find Out

Look, I've criticized dating shows before — especially The Bachelor franchise — but you know what I've never thought? "This would be way better if they were all naked and without shelter or running water." On Monday, Discovery Channel announced three new dating shows, and I have never wanted to cringe harder in my life. The network has ordered seasons of Naked and Afraid of Love, Mating Season, and Mountain Love, all of which mix survivalism with romance and have descriptions that are already giving me secondhand embarrassment.

Let's take a closer look at Discovery Channel's new extreme dating shows, ranked from least to most cringe.

Mountain Love

Mountain Love is more of a traditional dating show that documents what happens when "five people from the cities and suburbs decide to move in with their long-distance partners who live way, way off-grid in some of the most remote corners of the country." Sounds a bit tame, but I'd expect a few particularly wild scenarios. Per the official synopsis, Mountain Love will feature a couple looking for a "sister-wife" and and try to answer the question: can true love conquer a lack indoor plumbing?

Cringe level: Kris Humphries barking on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Naked and Afraid of Love

Naked and Afraid of Love is basically a spinoff of the already distressing franchise, Naked and Afraid, which pairs up survivalists, naked, in the middle of the wilderness, and challenges them to survive. Now imagine that, but as a dating show.

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