'The Big Shot With Bethenny' Trailer Is Proof I Will Never Work With The Former 'Housewife'

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'The Big Shot With Bethenny' Trailer Is Proof I Will Never Work With The Former 'Housewife'

It's official: I do not have what it takes to work with Bethenny Frankel. In fact, I'd bet very few people do. So it makes sense that the former Real Housewives of New York star and Skinnygirl CEO is searching for a new employee in the best way she knows how: on reality TV. The first trailer for HBO Max's The Big Shot With Bethenny gives a glimpse into Frankel's hunt for the perfect employee, and I'm already so stressed.

What's interesting about this show is that Frankel isn't looking for an assistant or an idea to invest in, she's looking for a Vice President of Operations to help run her myriad of businesses. In the trailer, Frankel describes herself as a "serial entrepreneur" who needs someone social media-savy, good with marketing, licensing, and quick thinking. That's where the 10 "aspiring moguls" (AKA contestants) come in. They'll compete in a series of business challenges "designed to put someone to the test."

It's a bit unclear what exactly these challenges are going to be, but one shot shows a group of aspiring moguls desperately working on cue cards, while another shows a woman frantically trying to find the video recorder on her phone. The trailer also teases a shapewear photoshoot, and what looks like a cooking challenge. To work for Bethenny Frankel, one must know how to do it all.

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