5 'Squid Game' Theories Based On That Twist Ending

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5 'Squid Game' Theories Based On That Twist Ending

I've never felt so betrayed as I did watching that final episode of Squid Game. The dystopian series was dark from the jump, but that final twist was a real blow to my psyche. And all I can think is...what now? It's unclear whether or not Squid Game will return for a Season 2, despite the cliffhanger. Thankfully, in the absence of a renewal, there's plenty of Squid Game theories based on that twist ending that can keep fans busy until then. Warning: Spoilers for Squid Game Season 1 ahead.

Squid Game, the Korean drama currently taking over Netflix, follows the story of Gi-hun, a down-on-his-luck dad with a gambling problem. He is so in debt that he agrees to take part in a mysterious game, which ends up being a multi-level fight to the death — think Hunger Games, but where every player is a consenting (under extreme duress, but still) adult. At the end of Season 1, Gi-hun wins the game, but he's so traumatized by his experience that he can't rejoice in his 45.6 billion Korean won (aka $40 million) winnings. In a shocking twist, he finds out that the man behind the games is actually the Old Man, Il-nam, who played alongside him as Player 001.

Gi-hun believed he was responsible for Il-nam's death in the game, but in the finale he realizes that it was all just an elaborate ruse. Il-nam isn't just Old Man, he's a the rich mastermind whose been pulling the strings on the game this entire time. All because he and the rich elite were bored. Old Man died before Gi-hun could get the whole story, and the episode ends with Gi-hun, now rocking red hair, pledging to destroy the game once and for all.

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