Spooky's Fate In 'On My Block's Final Season Will Haunt Me Forever

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Spooky's Fate In 'On My Block's Final Season Will Haunt Me Forever

I need to file a complaint for emotional distress caused by On My Block's final season, specifically Spooky's fate and that of his glorious head of hair. Seriously, the way Season 4 wraps up Spooky's, now known as Oscar, storyline is so upsetting to me, I may have to start a support group. Spoilers for Season 4 of On My Block.

After years of thinking he was stuck in the Santos and protecting Cesar the only way he knew how, in Season 4 it's revealed that Spooky finally got out. Putting aside the fact that his hair (and everything it represents), marks the final step in his transformation to full cinnamon roll status (also full heartthrob status, I don't make the rules), it also signifies that he's done with the Santos for good. At the beginning of Season 4, he's happily married with a baby on the way and dreams of getting out of Freeridge to open up a restaurant, just like he told Cesar all those years ago in Season 1. There's only one problem: Cesar, who has taken up Spooky's mantle in the Santos — he even goes by Little Spooky now — isn't talking to him. And then, just as the two brothers are finally ready to reconcile, Oscar's second lease on life comes to a devastating end.

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In Episode 5, "Chapter Thirty-Three," Oscar, formerly known as Spooky, is shot outside his house, just when he was on the cusp of getting everything he ever dreamed of. Despite everything he did to make his dreams come true — leave the Santos, get a wife, a baby on the way, a restaurant space waiting for him in Portland — he would never made it out of Freeridge.

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