If You're Not Team Kelsey As A 'Siesta Key' Fan, What Are You Even Doing

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If You're Not Team Kelsey As A 'Siesta Key' Fan, What Are You Even Doing

It’s no secret to any Siesta Key fan that Kelsey Owens and Juliette Porter have been passive-aggressive toward each other since the beginning of Season 1. Sure, there were some moments over the last couple of years that made us think their friendship could be real and lasting, but they’ve hit rock bottom too many times to make a comeback.

From fighting over guys and dating each other’s exes to arguing over swimsuit lines — because there are never enough of those — I have no choice but break this down into two teams.

Most of you guys know I’ve been 1000% team Kelsey since the day I started posting about the cast, but I’ve never gotten to really elaborate on exactly why, until now.

Here are the top reasons I’m Team Kelsey, and you should be, too.

#1: Juliette Dated Garrett For All The Wrong Reasons

Image: MTV

When Season 1 premiered, Kelsey was dating Garrett while Juliette was kind of dating Alex. Alex invited Kelsey to his overly-crowded birthday party after he met her through Chloe at the Tiki Bar and well, let’s just say Juliette immediately started marking her territory.

Little did we know that later on, Alex would be newly single and set his sights on Kelsey, even though she was still dating Garrett. Juliette seemed to back off, which shocked absolutely everyone; they even went shopping together for dresses for a gala the Kompo family was hosting.

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