This is the wildest trend in true crime/grifter documentary shows right now

Like so many other people, I'm currently immersed in the Netflix docu-series Bad Vegan and of the countless head-spinning reveals in the first episode (move over, Alec and Hilaria) is when Shane/Anthony claims he was a black ops super spy. My first thought besides "People actually believed this crap?" was, wait, this is not the only time I've heard such obvious BS in a Netflix docu-series JUST THIS MONTH ALONE. This was also the lie from the grifter at the center of The Puppet Master!!!

The Puppet Master guy was a car salesman/MI5 agent (sure, Jan) and this Bad Vegan guy was a black-ops agent who also liked to play Words with Friends. And yet they both ruined so many lives! Wild!

Let this be a warning: if someone tells you they are a spy, ASSUME YOU ARE ABOUT TO BE GRIFTED! RUN FOR IT!