Which show's cancellation will forever make you bitter?

The simple, and correct, answer here is always Freaks and Geeks, the criminally short-lived dramedy which was the launching pad for stars like Seth Rogen, Linda Cardellini and Jason Segel. Sure, it's a perfect, single season but it's deeply unfair that we never got to know what became of the beloved characters.

However, my bitterness is held deeply for another little dramedy called Jack & Jill, which aired on The CW from 1999-2001 and, presumably, was watched by only me. This show *also* had some up-and-coming talent at the time (including Amanda Peet, Sarah Paulson and Justin Kirk) and ended on a freakin' cliffhanger!!

You see, Jack was a girl and Jill was a boy and they were attractive people who fell in love and were planning on getting married but then Jill was getting cold feet and Jack was pregnant and she hadn't yet told him and that's it that's how it ended and I never got closure and I never will!!!!


So which show's cancellation makes you feel the same sense of unresolved feelings?