What should be the next podcast to get the TV treatment?

What's that sound? No, it's not Elizabeth Holmes' suddenly deep voice! It's the first three episodes of The Dropout hitting Hulu this morning. The show follows the shocking, real-life drama of the famous fraudster (played by Amanda Seyfried) and the rise and fall of her multi-billion dollar company Theranos.

Of course, for those of us who were hooked on the Apple podcast of the same name back in 2019, we know all the juicy (green juice, that is) details. But that doesn't mean it's still not thrilling to see the story unfold under a new narrative.

The Dropout isn't the only show that had its own life before as a podcast. The Shrink Next Door, Dirty John and Dr. Death are just some of the examples of addictive podcasts to bingeable shows. (I'd argue that all the podcasts were better than the shows they turned into, but that's just me.)

In fact, in addition to The Dropout, there's another podcast-turned-series right around the corner: The Thing About Pam. An unrecognizable Renee Zellweger (again with fat suits, Hollywood?) will play Pam Hupp, a diabolical midwesterner woman who, well, I won't spoil it for you if you haven't heard the podcast. (Which you should because it's hosted by the greatest podcast host of all time, Keith Morrison.)

Obviously podcasts are the hot ticket adaptation right now, so I'm curious which one(s) you think should get the TV treatment next? I'd personally vote for Sweet Bobby, a mystery/tragedy which puts every episode of Catfish to shame. What are your choices?