Law and Order Reboot

To say that I was excited about this is an understatement. The minute the opening credits started, I was overjoyed….but, I have to say that the first show was a bit underwhelming. Don’t get me wrong, it was great seeing Anthony Anderson and Sam Waterson again, but I thought the supporting cast was trying a bit too hard to entertain. Maybe it was the script, or the direction, but Jeffrey Donovan seemed to be heading toward Jerry Orbach territory, without the character-defining humor and worldliness, and Camryn Manheim and Hugh Dancy were overeager. I did enjoy Odelya Halevi though, and bringing back Carey Lowell for a guest shot was interesting. Also was a surprise to see Norm Lewis as the victim/villain (saw him in a Broadway revival of Les Mis and he was terrific). What did you all think???