Praying for a miracle — Wendy Williams Show allegedly being canceled

You probably have heard about Wendy Williams’ not so recent health news. I don’t know why but I thought eventually she would pull through and make a triumphant return like she has in the past. But the word on the street is Wendy’s show will be officially canceled this summer and her stand in Sherri Shepherd will have her own show. Basically the Sherri shepherd show. Guys no offense to any other talk show hosts but there is nothing like the Wendy Williams show. I wasn’t really old enough to appreciate her on radio and many of my teen years were spent not even keeping up with Wendy. But over the last five years or so I have fell in love with this woman. No she is not always right and yes she says a lot of f’d up things but one thing she was great at doing is spilling that tea and making you laugh while doing so. There will legit never be anyone close to her level. You can replace anyone on the view, Ryan and Kelly, the real, and GMA but there is only one Wendy Williams. I am praying she makes a full recovery and prove the reports wrong. If she does, I will make it my goal to head to the big city to sit in the audience. This just isn’t the way she should go out :(