Why the need for another/John Mulaney thoughts

Walking Dead anthology series. Why do we need it? Also Olivia Munn is gonna be on it. At first I was like this doesn’t seem like her fit but considering she was in X-men I guess its not too far off. I don’t think I know her for any tv series she’s been a big screen actress no matter how small the role. Speaking of Olivia look at her and John Mulaney’s baby. It’s not weird at all to see him as a dad like he seems like the cookie cutter definition of an All-American dad it’s just weird to see it because he felt so strongly about NOT having children. I know, I know people can change their mind but he had the same schtick as John Cena — great with kids but I don’t want any of my own. But now it seems that John may be coming around to the idea too which is wild to me because him not wanting them broke him and Nikki Bella up. Yes I am the only one who watched every single episode of Total Bellas.