Most shocking character deaths — SPOILERS

I'm warning you now, that this is gonna have some spoilers in it!

I see a lot of TikToks where girlfriends film their BFs watching George's death on Grey's Anatomy, and they're usually SHOCKED. (I was robbed of this experience, as I watched Grey's years after that season premiered and knew it was coming.) I can only imagine what it was like seeing it with fresh eyes and a child-like naiveté.

I was THEN thinking about how I tuned into Big Sky, on ABC, to see Ryan Phillippe in it... just for them to kill him off in THE FIRST EPISODE. That was also shocking because they had billed the whole show on his role.

So there are certainly different types of character deaths, the emotional shocks and the "that was an interesting move" shocks. What are the top ones for you?