Old MTV Dating Shows Were Savage & We Were Fine With It?

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Old MTV Dating Shows Were Savage & We Were Fine With It?

While there’s nothing more enjoyable than revisiting 2000s pop culture, in retrospect, there were definitely aspects of this decade that were questionable. There was the entire fashion industry for one thing (whoever started gaucho pants needs to be jailed), but also major facets of the entertainment industry that were genuinely problematic. One important illustration of this is MTV dating shows from this time, which were legitimately savage, and yet most of us devoured them in the same way we did those “edible” body creams that Jessica Simpson came out with: we knew they were kind of toxic, but just not sure how much.

Out of all the now-cringeworthy MTV dating shows, the cruelest of the bunch was undoubtedly Next, which ran for 288 episodes and by all accounts spawned a total of zero long-term relationships. Those familiar with the show will remember the Next bus that transported five “daters” around until it was their turn to meet the main contestant. We met each of them via a list of “fun” facts that resemble pages leaked from Regina George’s Burn Book, like Hollie (19) who “burps and farts while eating limes,” Katelyn (21) who “creeps out people with her small feet,” and even Kasandra (23) who “collects condoms from around the world.” But that was just the beginning of the many opportunities to get trolled in this game.

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