MTV's 'Match Me If You Can' Is Bringing Together Alums From All Your Favorite Reality Shows

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MTV's 'Match Me If You Can' Is Bringing Together Alums From All Your Favorite Reality Shows

There's nothing better than watching former reality show stars from different series or seasons getting together. It's everything taboo about reality television with an added incestuous vibe. It's why Bachelor in Paradise is so great, and why MTV's Match Me If You Can is going to be the dating show to end all dating shows.

If you've ever wondered what it would happen if you put Bachelor in Paradise, Too Hot to Handle, and The Challenge in a blender, and added in a dash of Pepsi sponsorship, now you finally have your answer. Match Me If You Can is a new dating show/Pepsi Mango flavor spon-con that will match couples at random and send them on extravagant dates. The twist? A random "Mango Matchmaker" (thanks Pepsi!) will pair both same sex and opposite sex couples. Oh, and the cast is made up entirely of reality show alums, and is as follows:

  • Harry Jowsey from Too Hot To Handle
  • Eric Bigger from The Bachelorette
  • Onyeka Ehie from The Bachelor
  • Kyra Green from Love Island USA
  • Ashley Brooke Mitchell from The Challenge
  • Natalie Negrotti from The Challenge
  • Kylie Smith from Are You the One?
  • Joey Sasso from The Circle

Finally, Love Is Blind's Lauren Speed-Hamilton will come in to host the five-part series, putting the cherry on the top of the reality star sundae.

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Based on the trailer, I'm not sure we should expect Match Me If You Can to end with any beachside proposals, or longterm relationships period. But, to be fair, that doesn't really sound like the goal of the show. "We're just seeing what happens when you bring these huge personalities together to date each other," Lauren told Elite Daily.

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