You Definitely Don't Want To End Up In "Limbro" On 'FBoy Island'

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You Definitely Don't Want To End Up In "Limbro" On 'FBoy Island'

While I know we are all over dating shows and hot singles on beaches, FBoy Island is truly a work of art. From figuring out who the "f-boys" are to Nikki Glaser jocking on the contestants, Fboy Island is like the reverse Bachelor in that you know people are there for the "wrong reasons," and you have to sniff out which cologne-covered sexy single it is.

But things don't always come up sunshine and piña coladas at Fboy Island. When it comes to post-elimination accommodations, there's one of two camps you can end up at. First, there's the "Nice Guy Grotto," which very much looks like an exterior shot on Laguna Beach.

... And then there's the place where the "F-boys" go, called "Limbro."

The name Limbro is, first of all, genius. Kudos to you, Sam Davis and Elan Gale, the latter being one of the many masterminds behind the Bachelor franchise for years, for coming up with it. More importantly though, are these f-boys OK in these conditions? Do they have food and water? Like, do we need to send help?

Here's everything we know about Limbro...

  • There is a walk way with tiki torches and multiple abandoned row boats leading up the the entrance.
  • As Glaser puts it, "this is where f- boys come to think about what they've done..."
  • You sleep under a cabana on a thin pad with a bag of hay as your pillow.
  • This is a pile of coconuts that the f-boys use to keep themselves entertained. They can be seen playing catch and hot potato with them.
  • There is a pit in the middle for cooking? It also doubles as a place to sit alone with your thoughts and feels.
  • Peter constructed this weight with mattress pads and bamboo for some gym time.

So circling back to my previous question, do we need to send help?!?!? I get that it is a TV show, so there's no way they're not getting basic necessities, but they're not actually living here until filming wraps? Right? RIGHT?!?! I don't think I have every cared more about f-boys in my whole entire life.

Images: HBO Max

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