Julianna Margulies On Her 'Morning Show' Romance With Reese Witherspoon

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Julianna Margulies On Her 'Morning Show' Romance With Reese Witherspoon

What do you do when you have a successful show starring two TV legends? You bring in another! After months of anticipation, Julianna Margulies finally joined The Morning Show Season 2, and she's here to shake things up. At a press junket for the season, The Dipp caught up with Margulies about her Morning Show character and how she will affect the other characters.

The E.R. and Good Wife vet plays Laura Peterson, a news anchor at UBA who specializes in interviews and more in-depth specials — think more Diane Sawyer, less Hoda Kotb (though we love Hoda!). She's also blissfully unaffiliated with The Morning Show, and therefore not tainted by all the drama and unrest that went on in Season 1. "I love that in a sea of characters that are absolutely unraveling in their own deception and their own insecurities and skeletons in their closet, that Laura is the one person on this show that has absolutely nothing to hide," Margulies tells The Dipp of her character.

Another thing that attracted her to the role is Laura's connection with Bradley (Reese Witherspoon). "Laura is sort of this ray of hope for Bradley to find some sort of shelter from the madness," she teases. Unlike all the other characters in The Morning Show, Laura is secure in her own career, so she's not constantly looking for people to take advantage or backstab. In fact, she prefers to stay out of any drama entirely, which immediately makes her appeal to Bradley.

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