How MTV Producers Captured The Teenage Drama Queens In 'My Super Sweet 16'

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How MTV Producers Captured The Teenage Drama Queens In 'My Super Sweet 16'

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Today, Bravo is the premiere destination to watch wealthy women throw temper tantrums, but it wasn't the first to produce a mega successful reality series relying on that premise. Before we ever saw Vicki Gunvalson blow a gasket about a “little family van” or Luann de Lesseps lose it after being assigned to Blue Stone Manor’s fish room, we met the affluent youngsters on MTV’s My Super Sweet 16. The show first premiered in January 2005, over a year before the debut of The Real Housewives of Orange County, and immediately established its winning formula of showcasing epic meltdowns against the backdrop of extreme privilege.

There was Ava in Season 1, who flew to Paris to find her party dress only to be disappointed that Dior, like “every other stupid store,” was closed for the month of August. Then there was Sophie in Season 2, who after being denied a Coffee Coolatta, clapped back with a scathing, “Mom, why are you being such a bitch? It’s my birthday!” Though we only met them for single episodes, these girls made lasting impressions with their ability to not only articulate their elaborate party visions, but mercilessly enforce them.

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