Gen Z, So You Love 'Friends' But Hate Side Parts — How?

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Gen Z, So You Love 'Friends' But Hate Side Parts — How?

I'm on TikTok and more often than not, it's just a reminder that I'm rounding the corner to the big 3-0. It's filled with teens who look older than me, are much cooler than me, and allegedly hate my generation's bread and butter: skinny jeans and side parts. But Gen Z also loves Friends, the series that came out a generation before them but can easily be streamed today on HBOMax. And I know I'm a few years out of school, but Gen Z, how can you love Friends and hate side parts? It's mathematically impossible.

Watch any clip from the 236 episodes and you'll see a side part. Actually, watch any clip from the 236-episode show and find me a scene without a side part. Parting your hair off-center is so deeply rooted in the 10 year span of 1994 to 2004, which just coincidentally happens to be the same 10 years Friends was airing. (Funny how that — that being, pop culture embedding itself into fashion trends — happens.) The side part is engrained in the style of the show and should have been paying rent on the apartment.

Don't believe me?

Even the men got in on the side part...

How can one love this show and actively hate a side part? That's like saying you love Friends but hate all the characters. Or '90s fashion. Or oversized New York apartments. It's a contradiction! It's criminal! And it's time we say that if you're gonna love Friends, the show of our generation, you love it for everything... side parts and all.

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