When do you arrive at the airport?

I'm in a massive debate about what time we need to arrive at the airport before takeoff for a domestic flight, with no checked bags.

Wanna hear others' takes....

Are you an...

a) Yeah, I'll get to the airport about 60-75 minutes before takeoff. Yes, it could be stressful in a potentially long security line, but if I'm cutting it close, I don't mind cutting in line and/or hustling to the gate. That happens like 1/10 times, so I'm cool with paying that price to generally spend less time at the airport before boarding.

b) I wanna get there about 90 minutes before takeoff. No, I don't like hanging at the gate, but that's the price I pay for a less stressful check-in experience at security.

c) I need to get there 2 hours before takeoff. I don't even want to ENTERTAIN the idea of missing my flight, and actually enjoy the relaxation of being super early. If I buy a $25 John Grisham novel at Hudson News, so be it.

d) I need to arrive more than two hours before a flight. I'm a little panicky like that. I am who I am!

e) Eh let's wing it and say 45 minutes. I'll cut lines and run -- whatever it takes, baby! I'm a wild man!