What Is Lars Hiding On 'Nine Perfect Strangers' Besides His Phone?

What Is Lars Hiding On 'Nine Perfect Strangers' Besides His Phone?

Something tells me Lars didn't sign up for a stay at Tranquillum House because he heard how good the smoothies are. The shadiest member of Masha's hand-picked collection of guests is already causing waves on Nine Perfect Strangers — and stashing electronics in trees. While it's still unclear exactly what his motives for booking a 10-day stay at the retreat are beyond telling his (potentially ex) boyfriend that it's "for work," I feel safe in saying Lars is up to something big.

Now, since Nine Perfect Strangers is based on the Liane Moriarty book of the same name, you would think the novel could answer all of the show's Lars-related questions. But alas, series creator David E. Kelley has gone off-book where the snarky character is concerned. In Moriarty's version, Lars is simply obsessed with health resorts. He goes to at least one every year as a way to detox from his busy job and the stress of day-to-day life.

Much like the Lars of the show, he is a smartass, but he's not a smartass with an agenda. In fact, his deep dark secret involves his reluctance to get married and have kids with his boyfriend, Ray. Ultimately, he's like all of the other guests — he enters Tranquillum House as a cynic, but deep down, he wants to believe his life can change for the better.

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