Peacock's 'Girls5eva' Teaser Is Equal Parts '90s Pop Music & Math Gymnastics

Peacock's 'Girls5eva' Teaser Is Equal Parts '90s Pop Music & Math Gymnastics

Close your eyes and imagine a '90s pop girl group — the kind that had one major hit and probably was featured in a Disney Channel Original Movie or two, like B*witched or Dream. Now open your eyes and watch the teaser for Peacock's new show Girls5eva, featuring a former girlband reuniting decades after their short-lived fame. It's not at all the band I had you imagine, but in its own way, it's better.

All grown up and living, somewhat reluctantly, in the real world, the former "pop stars" reunite after a rapper samples their one hit wonder. There's Dawn (Sara Bareilles), who runs her family's restaurant, but dreams of returning to the stage; Wickie (Renée Ellis Goldsberry), who is looking to prove herself after her solo career didn't take off as planned; Summer (Busy Phillips), a Real Housewife wannabe with a... certain type of voice; and Gloria (Paula Pell), who ended up leaving showbiz and becoming a dentist. (Practical!)

"Gonna be famous five-eva, cause life's too short for forever," they sing in the teaser, "Gonna be famous three-gether, cause that's one more than two-gether." The logic, the mathematical gymnastics, the harmony — it has the numerical charm of the Spice Girls' "2 Become 1" and the upbeat melody of B*witched's "C'est La Vie." Seriously, Max Martin called, and he wants his hit song back.

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