Naomi Osaka's Salad Emails Interrupted Temporarily By The Met Gala

Naomi Osaka's Salad Emails Interrupted Temporarily By The Met Gala

Naomi Osaka is multi-hyphenate. She is a premiere athlete, a mental health warrior, a championship holder, a daughter, an Olympian, a soccer team owner, an activist, and as of this year, she is the co-chair of the Met Gala, but — and I’m talking to you, my fellow overpriced vegetable eaters — you may know her as ambassador and investor for the salad chain, Sweetgreen.

You’re wondering two things. One, what does a Met Gala co-chair do, and two, what’s in Naomi’s salad.

One: British Vogue says celebrity co-chair sometimes make a speech, and might help with guest list, menu choices, and decor.

Two, and this is why we’re all here: The Naomi Osaka Bowl consists of baby spinach quinoa, cilantro, carrots, tomatoes, tortilla chips, blackened chicken, avocado, goat cheese, lime cilantro jalapeño dressing, and some Sweetgreen hot sauce. As the more approachable Rachael Ray would say, yum-o.

My email.

It also comes with an email marketing campaign that reminds Sweetgreen customers that Naomi Osaka has great taste (in things beyond just salad accoutrements, like putting her mental health before her tennis career). Those emails, however, not only come constantly (Enough! Taylor Armstrong voice) but failed to mention that her great taste is now a part of the most fashionable night of the year!

Anyway, despite her pull, Sweetgreen doesn't appear to be on the menu for this year's Met Gala. According to, sustainability is the soup du jour, with chefs, restaurant owners, and cookbook authors from New York providing a plant-based menu to the lucky souls who get to step into the (fully vaccinated) event this year. Sounds like a quinoa and kale would fit right in, no? Because as the Sweetgreen campaign says, "Icons eat their greens."

Images: Sweetgreen

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