The one Top Chef Season 19 rule change isn't enough!

I am so excited for the return of Top Chef. This and Ted Lasso are the only two shows that my husband and I watch together, and, as a TV fan, it really means a (silly) amount to me to be able to enjoy a show together. Plus, Top Chef is fantastic, and always interesting, fun, inspirational, aspirational, and low-drama. (Ie no yelling.) Tom Collechio, Padma Laskmi, and Gail Simmons are back as judges this season with a rotating slate of former contestants that will sit at the Judges' Table, as well. It takes place in Houston, which I'm excited about. (I don't know anything about Houston!) I did read, however, that there is a slight rule change for Top Chef Season 19...

On I read... "The biggest thing that we've changed this year is we've allowed the chefs to bring homemade ingredients and give us a list of items they wanted us to purchase," supervising culinary producer Sandee Birdsong explained.

Now. That is fine. But to be honest, part of the amazing accomplishments of Top Chefs are their ability to work with what they're given. Whenever I'm in my kitchen, it's a veritable Quick Fire Challenge and I'd diiiiiie for their skills in creating something out of nothing.

There is one rule I'd love changed, though, and that is the timing aspect. Is it really fair if someone is dinged for needing two more seconds to properly garnish their last plate? Is it really realistic to the Chef experience to just CUT THEM OFF from completing a task because of some arbitrary clock? I totally get that you can't have extra hours or even an extra ten minutes in the kitchen -- I think it's realistic that an extra 10 minutes on a dish would ruin the timing of the meal (if we're talking luxury dining) but it's the slighting them for the extra SECONDS that bothers me.

Take Dawn last season. Listen, she did have timing issues, but the ones that were mere seconds shouldn't have mattered. I hated watching her suffer consequences because of the stupid stop clock that doesn't matter. Let her put the mushrooms on the plate! It would take three seconds!! It doesn't make her a worse chef and I hated the stress of watching her "fail" because of it.

So, sure, home-brought ingredients are fine, but really, the rule that needs to change is the second-hand stop clock they're running.

Thank you for your time, I will now pack my opinions and go.